Random Alchemy Art Gallery

    • 107 E. Charleston,
    • Las Vegas
    • NV
    • 89101
    • United States

The energy that Lisa Dittrich brings to the Arts District is unparalleled. Her positive vibe is infectious! If you're having a bad day, come visit Random Alchemy and Lisa will surely turn it around.
The artwork sold here is affordable, yet incredulous in its beauty. A slight glance will impress you, but stop and stare to take it in, if but for a moment, and it may take your breath away.

After years of exhibiting and volunteering at other art galleries, Lisa Dittrich has opened her own gallery to not only show off her own work, but promote that of other Las Vegas artists.
Lisa's work includes drawing and painting things from simple but breathtaking landscapes to the macabre and surreal. Where she really shines is her honesty. When you meet Lisa, who is ever-present at the gallery, you will be delighted. She is an open and caring spirit, with kindness and generosity in abundance.
When Lisa spotlights other artists in her gallery, it's not just "to pay the bills", but because she believes in them and wants to give them a venue to show off their stuff to share with the rest of the world.