Photo Bang Bang

    • 224 E. Imperial
    • Las Vegas
    • NV
    • 89104
    • United States

Originally created as a private photographic playground for photographers Curtis Joe Walker and Marcos Rivera, the studio is now available for discerning art directors looking for something with a bit more character than the typical sterile photo studio setting.

Our restructured rental menu available Monday-Saturday
1. $125 Half Day Rental (4 hours)
2. $250 Full Day Rental (8 hours)
Additional hours available at $25 per
3. $450 3 hour workshop For you and up to 4 guests, includes model fee, studio time and light kit. Private rentals after the workshop are available for $25 per hour + Model Fee.

M-W 9am-5:30pm
Th-Sa 9am-11pm

Book now (one week in advance):

Contact our owner/photographers to book shoots with them: Curtis Joe Walker​ and Marcos Rivera Photography​