Nevada Humanities Program Gallery

    • 1017 S 1st St, #190
    • Las Vegas
    • NV
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    • United States

About Nevada Humanities
Celebrating Nevada's culture and heritage
Nevada Humanities fosters cultural enrichment and connection for all Nevadans. By creating and supporting dynamic public programs that inspire engagement, we deepen a collective sense of place and belonging and encourage mutual understanding and empathy, which are the foundations of community and democracy.

Our programs define the Nevada experience, feature local culture and heritage, encourage intellectual curiosity, and facilitate the exploration of issues that matter to Nevadans and their communities.

Nevada Humanities produces and supports dynamic educational and cultural programs that ENRICH our lives and ENCOURAGE us to EXPLORE challenging ideas.
Nevada Humanities UNITES us through our history and heritage.
Nevada Humanities INSPIRES us to ENGAGE in our communities and with each other.

What does Nevada Humanities mean to me?

A cooking workshop that offers a fresh point of entry into understanding a new cultural perspective...
A book club conversation about a Nevada author...
A movie that compels us to imagine a place different from where we now stand...
A Facebook discussion about ethics in the news...
A round table discussion about sportsmanship and civility...

All of these experiences are examples of how the humanities infuse our daily lives. They are the stories, ideas, and beliefs that help us engage with - and make sense of - our world.
Nevada Humanities works to make these experiences readily available to all Nevadans. We help you explore your local culture, learn new things, start a conversation, and connect with others in your community.