Eclipse Theatres

    • 814 South Third St
    • Las Vegas
    • NV
    • 89101
    • United States

Eclipse Theaters Luxury Cinema Experience

The Eclipse concept of luxury is to emphasize the sensory experience for the customers, surrounding the film exhibition with additional services intended to ‘delight’ and astonish guests.

Brief description of the Eclipse experience:
Because all of our guests are important to us, there is only one price level for customers: Prime, where guests can experience in-theater food and beverage service throughout the film. The VIP Prime seats are equipped with a convenient call button to request your server anytime. In the Prime area, the seating is designed with wide aisles and stadium risers to prevent anyone walking in front of you during the movie.

With an elaborate restaurant style menu, the food items are specifically designed for “dining in the dark.” The menu features primarily finger foods like soft warm pretzels, wagyu beef sliders, chicken lollipops, and buffalo chicken flatbread. The drink menu offers an extensive selection of wine, beer, and craft cocktails.

The lobby looks like a modern hotel than a traditional movie theater. The ultra-lounge and bar looks like an exclusive, elegant, and well-furnished venue suitable for date night, after work mixer, or cocktail party. Above the bar, several flat screen tv screens show sporting events. Around the lounge area are comforters, stools, tables, and chairs all arranged to encourage a vibrant atmosphere.

Ticket purchases are facilitated by a either our user friendly website, fully automated touch screen system, which allows guests to choose specific seat location in their theatre, or through a ‘concierge desk’ staffed by knowledgeable service clerks.

Another distinguishing feature is the movie theaters themselves, eight of which are available, and which are highlighted by striking leather chaise-style lounge reclining seats, which have full electronic control and provide a large footprint per patron. Each seat has a side table with a call button and a moveable glass tray to allow food and drinks to be safely served.

The fourth feature of the Eclipse movie theatre service is that of in-theatre dining service. Movie watchers place their food and drinks order during the previews prior to the main movie show and receive their food and drinks to consume during the show. Alcoholic drinks are available as part of the broader menu offering.

Therefore, at the heart of the Eclipse guest experience is a strong alignment of service and convenience with a heavy emphasis on the physical infrastructure: luxury seats and décor (even well-furnished bathrooms to convey a luxurious feel). Unique offerings such as VIP box suites, the comfortable seats and the quality of sounds and images, all work to make guests realize the transcendent nature of the Eclipse experience.