Clay Arts Vegas

    • 1511 S Main St
    • Las Vegas
    • NV
    • 89104
    • United States

Clay Arts Vegas was started in 2011 as a collaboration amongst artists living and working in the Las Vegas Area to celebrate clay and other three dimensional art. Their studio, gallery, shop, and educational space are all located in the Arts District of Las Vegas.

The mission of Clay Arts Vegas is to increase the presence of three dimensional art in the arts district and burgeoning arts culture in Las Vegas. CAV is committed to supporting the professional ceramics community by offering studio and gallery space, and providing professional training of the highest quality. CAV also seeks to strengthen the sense of community by encouraging communication and collaboration among all artists in the Las Vegas area, regardless of medium. Last, CAV works to encourage artistic expression and growth in the entire Las Vegas community by providing a vibrant location for the promotion of three dimensional art and art education.

The Victor F Keen Gallery is a part of Clay Arts Vegas (CAV) which showcases our resident and local artists and exposes our community to quality professional work from outside Las Vegas. By carefully curated shows of the highest caliber, CAV offers a venue to both view and purchase art, as well as to educate and broaden the understanding of our patrons. By having an informed and educated gallery staff CAV will help viewers appreciate and understand a broader spectrum of creativity. Our primary focus is on ceramics and sculptural art, also two-dimensional works which compliment it. The gallery is a meeting place for Las Vegas to share and expand the idea of art in the valley.