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Abby Stroot

Board President Although I have only been in Las Vegas for 6 years, I have tried to stay very involved in the community. I have worked with several of the local theatres as well as working for Cirque du Soleil on the strip, I am thrilled to have opened Pincushion during this great time of growth in the Arts District. I think there is so many amazing things to come in this area and I would be happy to be a part of the team that will make it happen.

Becky Miller
Property Manager / Commercial Property Owner / Business Owner, Main Street Las Vegas, LLC

Board Vice President Becky is a business owner and property owner in the Arts District. She's collaborated with businesses and the City in the Arts District for over two decades. She creates marketing initiatives designed to increase walk-by traffic and repeat business. Her background in team building and communications, plus her business experience, has helped revitalize Main Street south of Charleston. Becky is the property manager for several properties in the Arts District and is proprietress of Main Street Mercantile.

Bobbie Mullins

I have been a proud business owner in the Historic Las Vegas Arts District since 2010 and made a very conscious decision to open my salon in District 18b on Colorado and Casino Drive situated in the heart of First Friday’s beginnings. I am excited about the progress you have made working with the city in the past (especially more recently with the Main Street improvements) and feel that my ideas, experience and insight will prove valuable as we move forward as a business community seeking to make vibrant and effective changes to better serve our clients and the City of Las Vegas.

Corey Fagan
Organizer, First Friday Foundation Las Vegas

I work to be a bold leader. In this role I get excited about fundraising strategy, relationship building and the importance of raising money for the foundation is priority. Understanding that our donors are indeed our partners and provide the resources that enable us to change lives, create platforms for artists, and bring community together to explore creativity and learn new interests. I am highly interested in finding ways that utilize the First Friday event as a resource to bring awareness of many amazing non profits within Las Vegas, interactive activities for our youth while creating platforms for students and emerging artists. Bringing community together continues to drive me to stretch myself to learn more, do more, and make it happen.

Curtis Walker
Owner, Photo Bang Bang

I am a third generation Las Vegas, but I first arrived in the arts district neighborhood in 2010 when I opened my photo studio, Photo Bang Bang. I began serving the board in 2013 when I was hired to maintain and manage the website and develop the social media presence. Later, I began serving as Secretary for the executive board. After losing my lease for the space on Imperial Ave, I have reopened my studio nearby in the burgeoning arts community inside New Orleans Square at Commercial Center. In addition to my own photographic pursuits, I make my studio available to the larger creative community for photo and video projects on an hourly rental basis. We also provide workshops and meetups. I have a degree in commercial photography from CSN and a Bachelors Degree from UNLV. I have worked hard to help improve the 18b for over a decade.

Derek Stonebarger

Evelyn Leslie
City of Las Vegas

A motivated, articulate and experienced project director with a proven record of helping new or under-performing programs establish or exceed goals. Applies entertainment background to evoke enthusiasm & connect with others; thrives in a fast-paced setting. Excels at identifying challenges and quickly responding with effective solutions and improvements.

Jared Bonnell
One Realty

Lee Lanier
Owner, Lee Lanier Paints

As a gallery owner in the Arts Factory, I am excited by the potential growth of the Arts District in the years to come. As co-founder and president of the Dam Short Film Society, a 501(c)(3), I have 17 years of experience growing and guiding the Dam Short Film Festival, which has become the largest film festival in Nevada and has been consistently ranked one of the top 100 film festivals in the world. I feel I can share some of my non-profit managerial and promotional insight to help keep the art in the Arts District and bring in new audiences.

Megan Linney
Founder, The Layer Lounge

Michelle Patrick

Originally from Queens, New York, Michelle Patrick serves as a board member for the 18 Las Vegas Arts District, the Nevada Women's Film Festival and has served as an adviser for the City of Henderson’s Arts & Cultural Advisory Council. Over the past decade, Patrick has worked at the intersections of theater, dance, film, arts programming, grant writing and cultural facilitation. Her work currently focuses on local non-profit arts organizations and individual artists. Her varied background as an arts administrator includes the Nevada Arts Council, Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Sundance Film Festival. She is currently creating an artist residency program with the City of Las Vegas. She is also a photographer, director, actress and voice over artist. Michelle recently launched the Nevada Basin to Range Exchange, a program dedicated to promoting rural and urban arts-based collaboration. She also implemented IDEAS Through Reconciliation, an intensive designed to evaluate bias in creative spaces, as well as the Nevada Arts Accessibility Initiative through the State of Nevada. She has also served as a grant panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts. She previously served on the boards for Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, Denver City Park Jazz, and is an alumna of WESTAF's Emerging Leaders of Color initiative.

Nancy Foster

in March 2018 I moved my design and prototyping studio to the Arts District from Salt Lake City, UT. I landed in a space at Union House on 1st Street and just fell in love with the neighborhood. I live a mile from my studio in the heart of downtown Las Vegas and really consider this area home. Shortly after I moved here I started attending the 18b Art District neighborhood business meetings as a way to meet other local business owners and find potential business and artistic collaborators. I've been a regular attendee and have enjoyed getting more involved in the neighborhood and the board events.

Ray Meaddough

Rebecca Holden
Visual Arts Specialist II, City of Las Vegas, Office of Cultural Affairs

Holden joined as a Board Member and Government Liaison in 2018, as a representative of the City of Las Vegas. A longtime Las Vegas resident and arts advocate, Holden works in support of the Arts District's mission to serve as a community connector, promote the creative arts, and support commercial, professional, and residential growth and vitality of the neighborhood.

Sarah Collins
CFO, Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall

Sarah is a third culture child who identifies as Puertorican with Spanish being her first language followed by English and French. Sarah holds a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting. Sarah is a founding member of Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall since 2015, she now manages the mall along with two partners. She also produces the Antique Alley Map in The Country Register.