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Abby Stroot

Board President Although I have only been in Las Vegas for 6 years, I have tried to stay very involved in the community. I have worked with several of the local theatres as well as working for Cirque du Soleil on the strip, I am thrilled to have opened Pincushion during this great time of growth in the Arts District. I think there is so many amazing things to come in this area and I would be happy to be a part of the team that will make it happen.

Becky Miller
Property Manager / Commercial Property Owner / Business Owner, Main Street Las Vegas, LLC

Board Vice President Becky is a business owner and property owner in the Arts District. She's collaborated with businesses and the City in the Arts District for over two decades. She creates marketing initiatives designed to increase walk-by traffic and repeat business. Her background in team building and communications, plus her business experience, has helped revitalize Main Street south of Charleston. Becky is the property manager for several properties in the Arts District and is proprietress of Main Street Mercantile.

Bobbie Mullins

I have been a proud business owner in the Historic Las Vegas Arts District since 2010 and made a very conscious decision to open my salon in District 18b on Colorado and Casino Drive situated in the heart of First Friday’s beginnings. I am excited about the progress you have made working with the city in the past (especially more recently with the Main Street improvements) and feel that my ideas, experience and insight will prove valuable as we move forward as a business community seeking to make vibrant and effective changes to better serve our clients and the City of Las Vegas.

Colly Howlett

I began working independently in 2016 to promote the Arts District as a destination for shopping, entertainment, eating, and drinking. My wife and I have many friends here in the Arts District and last year I began to walk door to door to talk to business owners and see how I might be able to help them. Last year, the various "Arts District" websites that were intended to promote the District were offline or BLANK. I then created a brand new website that could be used as a vehicle to promote the Arts District businesses. I began to establish contacts with many Media, TV, Radio and Magazine people here in Las Vegas and started to build a rapport with agencies that could promote the District. For the past year I have been helping businesses increase their social exposure, Media exposure, and have succeeded in getting a great deal of exposure for the Arts District. I would like to continue to do this, and I feel I have much to contribute to the Board, the Association, and the Arts District community.

Organizer, First Friday Foundation Las Vegas

I work to be a bold leader. In this role I get excited about fundraising strategy, relationship building and the importance of raising money for the foundation is priority. Understanding that our donors are indeed our partners and provide the resources that enable us to change lives, create platforms for artists, and bring community together to explore creativity and learn new interests. I am highly interested in finding ways that utilize the First Friday event as a resource to bring awareness of many amazing non profits within Las Vegas, interactive activities for our youth while creating platforms for students and emerging artists. Bringing community together continues to drive me to stretch myself to learn more, do more, and make it happen.

Curtis Walker
Owner, Photo Bang Bang

Secretary I joined the neighborhood in 2010 when I opened Photo Bang Bang. I began serving the board in 2013 when I was hired to maintain and manage the website and develop the social media presence. I work with BLVDS Magazine Adventurist Guide, Lyft and do freelance tech support on the side. I believe the City should waive business fees for artists in the arts district, and we should advocate for affordable live/work spaces for artists and creatives to establish themselves.

Derek Stonebarger


Jared Bonnell
One Realty

Michelle Patrick

Nancy Foster

in March 2018 I moved my design and prototyping studio to the Arts District from Salt Lake City, UT. I landed in a space at Union House on 1st Street and just fell in love with the neighborhood. I live a mile from my studio in the heart of downtown Las Vegas and really consider this area home. Shortly after I moved here I started attending the 18b Art District neighborhood business meetings as a way to meet other local business owners and find potential business and artistic collaborators. I've been a regular attendee and have enjoyed getting more involved in the neighborhood and the board events.

Ray Meaddough

Rebecca Holden
Visual Arts Specialist II, City of Las Vegas, Office of Cultural Affairs

Holden joined as a Board Member and Government Liaison in 2018, as a representative of the City of Las Vegas. A longtime Las Vegas resident and arts advocate, Holden works in support of the Arts District's mission to serve as a community connector, promote the creative arts, and support commercial, professional, and residential growth and vitality of the neighborhood.

Ric Truesdell
Cornerstone Company

Rikka Logan

I am the owner of DTLV Art Walk- guided tours of downtown street art. Currently my tours are only held in the Fremont East District but I am looking to expand to The Las Vegas Arts District. Through my tours, I am connecting with visitors from all over the world who are also passionate about art which may benefit local businesses in the area.

Robin Slonina

Multidisciplinary Artist Founder Skin City Body Painting, Time Machine Judge & Producer Skin Wars TV show

Sarah Collins
CFO, Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall

Sarah is a third culture child who identifies as Puertorican with Spanish being her first language followed by English and French. Sarah holds a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting. Sarah is a founding member of Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall since 2015, she now manages the mall along with two partners. She also produces the Antique Alley Map in The Country Register.

Susan Henry
Underwriting, KNPR

I developed an interest in downtown Las Vegas before I had moved here in December 2014. Growing up in Colorado Springs, I discovered my love for the natural hubs that downtowns create as destinations for art, music, eclecticism and alternative lifestyles. This love was solidified as I grew older, and experienced other downtowns of different cities. At the time, Las Vegas felt like it was at the precipice of a promising direction, and felt very much it was the place to be. However, my reasons are more than just wanting to be in a hip location of town. I firmly believe that for a city to have a strong arts and cultural scene, the weave of its downtown must be strong. Las Vegas is fractured somewhat, with other areas of town designating their own “downtown” areas, which do not reflect an artists’ culture, but more of a master-planned shopping center. Because of this, it has always been important to me to make sure that everyone knew where the true center of creativity was happening in Las Vegas, and to do what I could with whatever agency I had to bring people there and to preserve its culture. Downtowns are important and are, essentially, the heart of any city.