About Us

The Las Vegas Arts District is an approximate 18-block neighborhood located in the area south of downtown Las Vegas, roughly bounded by Commerce Street, Hoover Avenue, 4th Street, Las Vegas Boulevard and Colorado Avenue. Of course, The Las Vegas Arts District is more than a physical boundary. For everyone who lives, works or visits here, 18b is a shared vision, for which no boundaries apply.
As noted on www.lasvegasnevada.gov, “The construction of the Charleston Boulevard railroad underpass in 1949 triggered the creation of a specialized housewares and home construction retail district along Main Street, centered at Charleston Boulevard. Buildings in the district generally adhere to the design characteristics of contemporary commercial architecture with projecting canopies, angled shop fronts, raised canopies and an assortment of modern materials that denote their connection to post World War II design.”
As time passed, the area became rundown and almost forgotten as the city expanded into the suburbs and mega-malls blossomed. Recent revitalization of the area, marked by a cultural explosion of new galleries, funky antique shops and boutiques, restaurants and cafés, eclectic living spaces, luxury high-rise condominiums, and an adjacent major furniture mart, has given the neighborhood a new – and surprisingly sophisticated – life.
Despite this impressive evolution, The Las Vegas Arts District has little brand awareness among locals and visitors alike. There are now visual identifers designating The Las Vegas Arts District boundaries, informing visitors of the district.

Our neighborhood is served by our registered 501c4 non-profit neighborhood association. This 17 seat board is run by volunteer members with 3 year terms.