Connect with your Arts District Community Online

Keep in touch with your community. We have some well established Facebook groups to help you keep in touch with neighbors and customers!
Let us introduce you:
1. Neighborhood Concerns: – This group is for general news, info and community resources.
2. Artists For Hire: – You can post your artistic talents, resumes, gigs, calls for art, etc. This is the place to connect directly with local artists and for artist promotion.
3. Art for Sale : – This is the place to post local Las Vegas art that is available for pickup/delivery. Please post one or more photos of the item, a description and the price!
4. Events : – Post your facebook event links here. Online and live streaming events are allowed, within the scope of the group. Keep it creative.

All of these groups are moderated, and all posts/members must be approved by our team. If your post does not fit into the criteria for the group, we will contact you and let you know why, and where the post might work better.

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