Alex: An artist’s life like no other – In Memoriam

Artist, Alexander P. Huerta
Photo by: Curtis Joe Walker
Photo: Curtis Joe Walker

By Brian Paco Alvarez
For the 18b Arts District Association

If there was anyone in the world who truly knew the meaning of life, or better yet what it was like to live a life fulfilled, it was Alexander Huerta. Alex lived a passionate artistic life, keenly aware that life itself is a fragile gift not to be taken for granted. Whether you were one of his closest friends, a fellow artist or someone who has only recently met him, the very first thing that you would learn is that he cherished every breath he took. Alex had a deep, almost spiritual, awareness of what it means to be alive and how to live a life filled with creativity. His magnetism was so strong that he attracted people from everywhere so they too could experience a part of his positive energy and his deep insightful thoughts about art and life. Alex loved people and he loved to share his art, his studio, his gallery, but most importantly his story of survival through his many creative activities. He was one of the rare artists who thrived when surrounded by people, rather than recuse himself to the safety and privacy of their studios. He was able to seamlessly combine every aspect of his life into one thing: creating art. 

For more than 10 years his beloved PeaceNArt Studio, located in the world-famous Arts Factory, became a must-see attraction during First Friday, “sacred ground” for any friend or fan of the artist. By constantly keeping his studio open, painting every day and encouraging other artists and businesses to do the same, Alex quickly became known as Las Vegas’ unofficial ambassador to the Arts District. He knew that the success of the Arts District and its cohort of artists could only be accomplished if everyone worked together for a common goal. Alex had no qualms in exerting his passion in building a vibrant arts district with his own two hands, going as far as painting directional murals and signs to encourage the public to pull over, visit and navigate uncharted territory.

Though Alex never took a formal art class, preferring to just paint and experiment on his own, he would enthusiastically state that he was inspired by artists the likes of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and most importantly Jean-Michel Basquiat. From his inspirations, Alex’s art would evolve from colorful and whimsical pointillistic works in pen and marker, to a 21st Century version of neo-expressionism, deeply rooted in Las Vegas’ gritty urban landscape. Not shy about using color or every type of media, including antiques, his works would become highly sought after by collectors far and wide. Most notably, Alex would join creative forces with local Las Vegas artist and break-dancer Alexander Skye and artist Eddie “CiCi Fu” Canumay, to become the regionally renowned 3 Baaad Sheep. This artistic trifecta would take Las Vegas by storm by combining three unique artistic styles into one powerful creative expression. An artistic force not seen since the Arts District’s earliest days, when the 5 Finger Miscount and the anti-art establishment Laservida ruled Las Vegas’ urban art landscape. 

By awakening and harnessing the power of a slumbering giant of creative talent and navigating through his almost unsurmountable personal challenges, Alex was able to achieve more artistically, inspire an entire generation of new and accomplished artists, influence arts leaders, business owners and many others by sharing his story of triumph over tragedy through art. His artistic legacy will, without a doubt, leave an indelible mark in the cultural arts history of Las Vegas for generations to come. Alex’s extraordinary artistic life demonstrates that life, no matter its obstacles, should be a daily celebration and a poignant reminder that tomorrow may never come. 

“It was God telling me, this is what your life is; you’re an artist” Alex Huerta

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  1. Thank you for writing this! Alex will be missed!

  2. Niki J Sands says:

    Beautifully written and it certainly describes my dear friend of 13 years. He brought only the best out of people, he was a teacher of life an inspiration to us all.

    Love you Alex P. Huerta, you live in my heart and I am blessed to have such wonderful memories of you.

  3. Mary McAuliffe says:

    PEACE ~ DEEP PEACE!! January 20, 2020 = 7 DEEP PEACE! Lessons learned, Circle of LOVE complete, his spirit soars!! PEACE!

  4. Sallie Douglas says:

    This is beautiful. What a blessing to have had Alex in our lives!!!

  5. Barbara Domsky. says:

    Your words capture the very essence of this remarkable man. He was generous in every aspect of his life and touched an extraordinary amount of beings in his lifetime. Me being one of many. His fingerprints will forever be a part of the history and success of the art scene of Las Vegas. Even more importantly he will forever remain in the hearts of this community. It was an honor to know Alex. He will be forever remember and missed dearly.

  6. Lisa Siemasko says:

    Love you & will miss you Alex!

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful memoriam. Brian Paco Alvarez did an outstanding job. And thanks to the Las Vegas Arts District for keeping the eternal flame alive. Let’s all give one another a little “Peace n Art”.


    Las Vegas Artists’ Guild

  8. Nicolas Cantu says:

    Thank you so much for writing this piece about our friend.

  9. Karen Lambert says:

    Although I was a sister by marriage he always made me feel like we have been family forever. He was so good to my children who belonged to his brother Billy who had preceded him in death 3 yrs ago.I will always cherish the memories of him and the beautiful pictures he gave to me and my family. You will be missed daily. Rest in peace brother Al.

  10. Sherry ShaRose Niedelman says:

    Paco, an incredible tribute for Alex. Thanks! I am grateful to have known Alex since 2005 when I arrived here in Vegas and witness his growth as an artist. Alex was at the heart center of our arts community, a legacy that will live on. Peace n Art my friend!!!

  11. Chris Frausto says:

    Thank you Paco. He will be sorely missed. His art, his many contributions, and spirit will live on. He was my gallery neighbor and often we were the only ones around. We had many art discussions through the years. He was an inspiration.

  12. Jeanne says:

    Brian…such a very kind remembrance of Alex and what he stood for…thank you! I wasn’t close to Alex, but respected his positive energy and discipline fostered by his appreciation for life…I will miss seeing him in his studio working away…

  13. Nancy Teixeira says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful tribute to our friend, Alex. I’ve never met anyone with the capacity to love so fully. He impacted all who had the good fortune of crossing his path. I am so grateful for the 8 years he was in my life. The world’s light has dimmed a little.

    “Truth is a hard place to get, but an easy place to stay.” ~Alexander P. Huerta

    I love you, Alex. Rest easy, my friend, and shine on.

  14. Amy Green says:

    What a beautiful soul.

  15. Roxanne says:

    Thank you Alex. Came to visit as I always do when in town. It wasn’t the same without you. Your support and never ending kindness and generosity truly touched my heart. I will never forget you. Your legacy lives on. You supported my favorite charities and we had some wonderful times I truly cherish to this day. I’m so glad we met ! You are an unforgettable person who brings so much joy to those around you …

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