Explore Downtown!

The Las Vegas Arts District is a great starting point and destination for your trip to Downtown Las Vegas. To make your visit more enjoyable the City of Las Vegas and the RTC have introduced a new Circulator Bus that offers free rides with stops at the major attractions of downtown. Our stop is located right outside Artifice Bar. Look for the sign!


Additionally, downtown has been equipped with a network  of rental bikes that are inexpensive to use and comfortable to ride.

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  1. Eleanor Turano says:

    I’ll be visiting Vegas Aug 21-26; will there be a First Friday that week as well as art exhibits, etc.

    Thank you.

    1. The First Friday event coincides with the first friday of each month.

  2. Brian says:

    If you’re headed to downtown Vegas for a First Friday, be advised that none of the artists in the Arts District come in or open up their shops until much later in the day — a bummer if you only have the afternoon. We’re here at 1:00 on a First Friday and no body is here. Sadness!

    1. Jo Morrow says:

      We’re new to LV. Still open to sell at 1pm ?? We’d love to come early, like 3 to avoid the crowds /parking. we’re from Miami where we attended Wynwood. It changed from a homey, spur of the moment event to a more organized & cleaned up event. Real estate began to sell, rental spaces tripled & small artists were pushed out financially. Hope that’s not the path First Friday will take.

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